Personal OKRs 2024 - Objective: Elevate my Overall Health and Wellness

Emilian Popa
3 min readDec 27, 2023

Key Results:

1. Enhance VO2 Max:

• Current Reading: 41 (in the “Good” range for my age of 50).

• 2024 Target: Increase to 45, reaching the “Excellent” range for a 10-year younger demographic.

• Action Plan: 1. Incorporate daily 30-minute hill running sessions to improve cardiovascular health. 2. Increase Sauna Sessions: Elevate current 2–3 weekly sauna sessions to 3–4 times per week.

2. Increase Muscle Mass While Maintaining Body Fat:

• Current Reading: Skeletal muscle mass at 52% (excellent range), body fat at 8.7% (using professional InBody test).

• 2024 Target: Increase skeletal muscle mass by 2.5%.

• Action Plan: Enhance weightlifting regimen to 30 minutes daily with heavier weights, ensuring balanced nutrition to maintain current body fat percentage.

3. Strengthen Relationship Health:

• Current Strategy: Monthly Relationship OKRs with my spouse, with some missed sessions.

• 2024 Target: Enhance understanding and mutual support consistently.

• Action Plan: Implement bi-weekly check-ins during “life dinners” focused on unconditional love and radical transparency, ensuring active problem-solving and open communication.

4. Improve Mental Wellness:

• Current Status: Generally happy and focused, occasional near burnout episodes. Current stress levels as per Oura ring are inconclusive.

• 2024 Target: Maintain daily stress levels under 30 minutes as measured by Oura ring, ensure 2 hours of quality family time daily, and eliminate mood fluctuations.

• Action Plan: Commit to daily 20-minute morning meditation/breathwork sessions without fail, incorporate 5 x 5-minute micro meditations throughout the day, and conduct weekly and monthly reviews of mental wellness with family involvement as support.

5. Optimize Nutrition:

• Current Status: Currently excelling in nutritional wellness, with a balanced and effective diet.

• 2024 Consideration: While nutrition is my number one wellness tool, and I believe I am doing well in this area, I am open to exploring new nutritional insights or adjustments that could further enhance my overall wellness.

• Action Plan: Maintain current nutritional habits, while staying informed about the latest research and trends in nutrition. Schedule quarterly reviews to reassess dietary choices and explore potential improvements or new practices in nutritional wellness.

Note: Nutrition plays a pivotal role in my wellness journey. I have a strong foundation in this area and am currently satisfied with my dietary habits. However, I recognize the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in nutrition. Hence, while I don’t see a need for major changes at this time, I am committed to staying informed and open to subtle enhancements that align with emerging health and nutritional science.

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