Digitalizing Care in Underserved Communities: Dr. Muthami’s Hospital

Emilian Popa
2 min readJan 25, 2024

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Muthami Family Hospital and meeting its founder, Dr. Kelvin Muthami. I was incredibly inspired by his vision and commitment to serving vulnerable communities in his region.

Despite his young age, Dr. Muthami has already made a huge impact. As an medical intern, he recognized the shortage of healthcare services in the Kabete/Kiambu area. He took it upon himself to fill this gap by launching a small clinic after completing his medical training.

The needs were so great that his clinic quickly outgrew its space. In just 4 months after moving to a new building, Dr. Muthami has overseen the delivery of tens of babies and cared for a growing roster of patients.

His hospital truly caters to the underserved. Many Ugandan migrant workers in the community shy away from public healthcare due to legal status concerns. By offering discreet, compassionate and affordable care, Dr. Muthami has earned their trust. His excellent reputation is also attracting more local patients frustrated by long waits at public hospitals.

Despite his busy schedule juggling hospital administration, an academic position, and further studies, Dr. Muthami remains fully hands-on. His commitment to treating every patient with dignity and respect is clear. He shared inspiring stories of emergency deliveries and critical care.

Importantly, Dr. Muthami has fully digitized his hospital’s operations using Ilara Health’s EMR system. This elevates the level of care he can provide through better patient data management.

Dr. Muthami’s entrepreneurial healthcare model holds valuable lessons for addressing access challenges. His blend of medical excellence and social heart is a shining example of the positive change young innovators can bring to healthcare. I’m proud to be affiliated with such a selfless leader making a difference.



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